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Why Sibongile Cele quit her day job

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You might be mistaken for thinking that Hillbrow in Johannesburg is only known for its high level of population density, unemployment, poverty, prostitution and crime. It's also where former accountant Sibongile Cele started a hydroponic farm on a rooftop embracing a new agricultural trend in which she farms fresh produce hydroponically. In this edition of Farmer's Inside Track she speaks about the moment in which she decided to exchange her life in the corporate world to literally make a difference in the sky.

Every morning on the top of The Outreach Foundation building, you will find Sibongile Cele working on one of just a handful of urban rooftop farms in Gauteng. Woman alone, tending her crops, which includes spinach, lettuce, basil, parsley and an assortment of other herbs. Her hands bring to harvest organically grown produce of the highest quality and, in the process, debunk the malignant stereotypes that beset the national view of Hillbrow as a slum beyond repair and rescue. The interviewers are Dawn Noemdoe and Ivor Price from Food For Mzansi.
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