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Africa is in the spotlight. Travel agencies from all over the world organize package holidays offering unforgettable safari visits, wildlife experiences, challenging hikes and adventures. The diversity of this continent is fascinating. Cameroon is one of the countries which have not yet gained full attention of the traveling enthusiasts, however, its government hope for a change.


In 1974, the Ministry of Tourism was established there; the objective was simple: attract investors, airline companies, travel agents; in general to promote Cameroon as a tourist destination in all its charm and beauty. Often dubbed ‘Africa in Miniature’, the country offers a fantastic variety of landscapes.


Visitors to the northern part will come across Waza National Park, founded in 1934, which attracts big-game hunters and animal viewers who long to sneak a peek at cheetahs, chimpanzees, elephants, giraffes, gorillas, hippopotami, and even rhinoceroses. Hikers and climbers will enjoy conquering the mighty Mount Cameroon. In the nearby town of Buea, guides as well as equipment are available for hire.


The town of Yaoundé houses several museums and many national monuments. Cultural heritage fans will most enjoy Bamenda and Bafoussam in the western highlands, renowned for its traditional culture and crafts, and the latter also for its wood-carving artifacts.


Cameroon struggles to improve the infrastructure, in some cases tourists have been expected to offer better services and there are strict rules regarding taking photographs; the government, however, is trying to accentuate the importance of tourism for the country’s economy and hopefully the near future will see a change for the better. No matter the attitude, Cameroon still remains a wonderfully diverse country with the potential to satisfy every tourist.

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