• Dec. 14 2023
  • Janice Scheckter

The Role of Civil Society in Promoting Good Governance in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities

Good governance is critical for the development and prosperity of any nation. In Africa, the role of civil society in promoting good governance has become increasingly important, given the challenges faced by many governments on the continent. 

Source: Abraham Ename Minko Istanbul University – Turkey DOI: https://doi.org/10.47772/IJRISS.2023.70575 Received: 04 May 2023; Revised: 10 May 2023; Accepted: 13 May 2023; Published: 10 June 2023

  • Jul. 5 2023
  • Janice Scheckter

Africa's civil society organisations essential to resilience to climate change.

President of the African Development Bank Group Dr Akinwumi Adesina says civil society organizations are essential partners in the Bank’s effort to build the continent’s resilience to climate change.
  • Oct. 18 2022
  • Janice Scheckter

What if Tolstoy and Gandhi were online?

Last week I did something, I can’t recall doing too often across 30 years of running businesses. I bunked work, but with good reason. I had the rare opportunity of a private tour of the Brenthurst Library[1].


  • Jul. 8 2022
  • Janice Scheckter

Achieving impact through the ‘everyone a change maker revolution’

 I love the headline and wish it were mine. It comes from an interview with Bill Drayton (Founder, Ashoka) by Dana S. Gulley


Drayton notes that for the last three centuries, the rate of change and the degree and extent of interconnection have both been increasing exponentially.



  • Mar. 30 2022
  • Janice Scheckter

A call to African youth to get involved

Africa is overflowing with potential. Our landscapes and people are beautiful, our land is rich and resourceful, our cultures are diverse.

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