African Union of the Deaf


Who are we?

The African Union of the Deaf (AUD) is a continental organization which was established to serve as an umbrella organization of the Deaf on the African Continent. The founding of this organization was initiated by Deaf African activists who attended the African Disability Consultative Workshop in South Africa in 2003. AUD advocates for the interests of member organizations on the African continent. The first Constitution was approved in Tanzania on 10 May 2014. AUD has been legally registered in Uganda and currently hosted by Uganda National Association of the Deaf (UNAD) in Kiwanga - Mukono. 29 countries have so far joined the organisation.Deaf people in African will benefit from a strengthened advocacy capacity for the AUD and its regional/ national structures. In addition, deaf people on the African continent will benefit from the inclusion of articles and provisions, in the ADP and MDL, which relate to the needs of their constituency.

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